STEP 1: Property Investment Strategy Session

The first step is to sit down with Eddie Dilleen and have him analyse your current position and strategically formulate a growth pathway that will allow you to build financial freedom and security.

This step is highly important as it forms the basis of all future steps. Everyone is different and therefore the goals of our clients often differ from client to client, Some want to build as much wealth as possible in the shortest space of time where as others want to enjoy their current lifestyles while they slowly build wealth at a more conservative speed in the background and have access to cash-flow.

Eddie built a multimillion dollar property portfolio of 13+ properties by the age of just 26 years old. Your guaranteed to learn new strategies that will allow you to move forward and avoid costly mistakes.

STEP 2: Build your team of professionals

It's Important to build your team of professionals such as mortgage brokers, buyers agents and accountants.

Understanding how banks work, Is just as important as the property location, we have an out of the box tactic about financing a large property portfolio, while most agencies advise clients to get a Pre approval, for us, its not always necessary.

Our finance brokers are highly trained specialists in getting our clients the right finance the first time, without damaging our client’s credit reports. We take extreme care to ensure all clients credit files stay in tact which can have major consequences later down the track when growing your portfolio.

Dilleen Property Group

STEP 3: We find you an amazing property

As one of Australia's leading Buyers Agencies, We  find out about properties before or immediately as they hit the market which means we are able to act quickly and get a fast offer on the property before ‘the market’ catches on to save you time and money.

We specialise in property deals such as Bank Repossession's, Urgent sales and price reductions, we conduct a professional audit and quickly establish if a property is below market value. We’ll give you a thorough property report including area profile, demographics, capital growth potential statistics and recent comparable sales, Full property cash flow sheets that show how the property will sit from an income and expenditure state before tax deductions!

STEP 4: Guiding you through a contract of sale

We guide you through every step such as:

1) Going through the in depth property contract with you step by step to ensure you're well informed and protected with relevant clauses and clear from encumbrances.

2) Organize the lowest deposit possible and tell you exactly what to do.

3Organize the property conveyancing to ensure all deadlines are met.

4) We touch base with you every step of the way and past settlement and provide guidance ongoing.

STEP 5: Pest & Building Inspections

We organise the qualified Pest & Building inspectors to ensure the property checks out.

We go through the Pest & Building inspection reports with you, Buying suitable investment properties everyday is what we do. So we know exactly what to look out for to keep you protected and take the stress out of it.

STEP 6: We can organise the Conveyancing

Our conveyancing team saves you time and money, The traditional conveyancing process takes most other conveyancing firms several days to complete and costs buyers and sellers an enormous amount of money.

Most of this time is taken up by admin hours sending copies of contracts and paper work back and forth between clients and lawyers. Due to our close team of professional conveyancers, we have been able to significantly reduce this time and therefore the costs to our clients. (Or you can use your own)

STEP 7: We organise the Property Management

Our property management team are super passionate about providing you with high quality services to ensure your investments remain profitable and taken care of.

To make the process a breeze we organise everything on your behalf and explain everything step by step to you so that you learn everything for the future

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